Scars (single)

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The first single from Gil and The Lion, ‘Scars’, was written in response to societies judgmental view of a persons “Scars” and attack on a persons personal journey/story and physical features - whether it being literal physical scars, deformities, tattoos, piercings, etc - or internal wounds and scars. 
The song empowers the listener to take back the power of their narrative and aims to help remind people that they are not alone, and that all of humanity is “scarred”, leaving no room for judgement and hate. 

Gil and the Lion is a rock music project out of Sacramento, California. 

An interfusion of 50/60’s Rock n’ roll, 90’s punk, punchy riffs, catchy choruses, and honest lyrics with a little bite.
 Gil and The Lion’s songs reflect its advocacy for the outcasted and marginalized, the internal struggle of the depravity of humanity, and the discontent with cultural and political elitism.

The band confronts the issues of the day and write about the things that affected them personally crafting razor-sharp sketches of our cold world: with songs about substance abuse, mental health, boredom, racism, modern day slavery, violence, cheap thrills, broken relationships - all while combating with lyrics of relatability that will have you singing the choruses and somehow keeping hope.

A lyrical juxtaposition of songs of redemption & songs of war; of pain & purpose, and the dance between brokenness and beauty. 

The music is the heartbeat for Gil and the Lion.