It takes a team to live a dream.

Gilbert “gilRiLLa” Acevdo III

Founder | CEO

Happily married (16 yrs) to his stunning and wonderful wife Stacy Acevedo: Kids: Rocco (13), Knox (11), Bronx (6), Nova (4), Joe (18), Cheyenne (24), and Sokha Chan (27). He has worked with youth for close to 20 years. 

He is the Founder | CEO of non-profit Modern Abolition: a lifestyle non- profit brand that uses art and creativity to Inform, Inspire, and Impact the world for the greater good. The Pupil Project is his leadership development program, that Equips, Empowers, and Develops youth and young adults, by providing resources, and skillset training, for personal, social, academic, and career development - cultivating a movement of high capacity leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs. In his spare time he adores his beautiful wife, creates artwork, writes and makes music (gil and the lion - available on all platforms), drinks a lot of coffee, and quotes Nacho Libre.

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Stacy Acevedo

Vice President

Shaelyn Saraceni

Marketing & Sales Manager

Shaelyn is an aspiring musician who has managed to write and produce a song that is now streaming on music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. She is currently working on producing and releasing more songs and albums. Shae plays acoustic guitar, keys, and sings. Shae has enjoyed music since she was young, and learned to play keys when she was a kid. 

Her creativity also branches into creative writing. Shae is working on writing a sci-fi novel at the moment. She started writing the novel at thirteen years old, and hopes to publish it in the near future. Shae has an English degree, and uses that to her advantage in her writing.

Above all, Shae is passionate about foster youth and aged out foster adults who are at a huge disadvantage to children who grew up in loving homes with safe and healthy parents. Her dream is to one day start her own nonprofit organization that helps house and develop 18-25 year old women who have aged out of foster care and need assistance. For this reason, Shae is also very passionate about Modern Abolition’s voice and goals to develop youth in underprivileged situations. Shae is not a slave to the status quo.

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