The Dream

It was all a dream.

The dream of Modern Abolition was an unfulfilled concept for years. It didn't have a name, a business model, a logo, or a specific cause. It wasn't till I went to Cambodia and experienced the true evil of Sex Trafficking and other forms of slavery around the world in July 2011. I left on my trip to Cambodia just days after I received the news that I was going to be a father. That took the trip to a whole new level. On my return home, the haunting memories of what I saw and experienced were so overwhelming, that I couldn't help but think " How could I not,not do anything?" a father to be, a husband, as a human being.

I believe it's our duty to fight injustice, feed the hungry, defend the weak, notice the un-noticeable, bring hope to the hopeless, touch the untouchable, and never become a slave to the status quo. I always wanted to use my art for more than the sake of just being art...this was the birth of Modern Abolition.

We started out creating apparel as an art expression for impact & awareness to help fuel the mission of rescue. Now we use the methods of printing, design, digital arts, and other industry practices as vehicles, on-ramps, and tools for: character, career, social, and leadership development. It's about life-change over profit. Developing future leaders, business owners, fighters, rescuers, mentors and game changers.

We are now about prevention. It’s about affecting the 1-20 (people) that will bring in the next 1-20 (people).

I believe with all my heart, that changing and impacting the next generation starts with one life at a time. That's the Modern Abolition way.

We will continue to create goods and services purposed and designed to give financial support and fuel "the pupil project" and aid our other organizations/ partners - aiding their efforts to remedy depravities and end evils around the world on top of our donation platforms. This provides jobs, hands on training, and real-time learning opportunities – with real time impact.


A Modern Abolitionist...

Exists to inspire others and create movements of change that bring help, hope, healing, and health to those in need. It is estimated that every 3 seconds a child dies of a preventable circumstance (disease, poverty, hunger, lack of education, etc) and children (especially young girls) all over the planet are being sold as slaves for sex, labor, and having their childhood stolen. This is not ok with me. We can make a difference...we will be different.

"Don't be a slave to the status quo" - This is Modern Abolition.

The conviction to use all that I am & to do all that I can to make a positive impact in the world, and literal change, is the life blood of Modern Abolition.

The reach & the Need

Our primary demographic is kids to 20 somethigs. The Pupil Project specifically focuses on the demographic of 10th graders – 20 somethings in the inner-city.

Now more than ever mentors are needed. Apprenticeship traignings, resources, and developmental programs are a step in the right direction for resolve. But it’s about longevity. Not just a good day, but a good life. Apprenticeship, mentorship, and discipleship. This is the reason for The Pupil Project.

A youth leadership and family empowerment program.
Generations will be changed forever.

One life at a time.