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Modern Abolition FEATURE | Gilbert Acevedo from Better Together on Vimeo.

"Weeks back we had the opportunity to sit down with Gilbert Acevedo, founder and CEO of Modern Abolition. Modern Abolition is a lifestyle company whose goal is to inspire a movement for living an economical, environmental, and socially responsible life through it's products. The story of it's roots and Gilbert's subversive life is truly inspiring." -


The dream of MODERN ABOLITION started a long time ago. It didn't have a name...a business model...a logo...or a cause. it wasn't till I went to Cambodia myself and experienced the true evil of Sex Trafficking and other forms of slavery around the world. I left on my trip to Cambodia just days after I got the news that I was going to be a father. That took this trip to a whole new level. On my return home, the haunting memories of what I saw and experienced there were so overwhelming, that I couldn't help but think " How could I not, not do anything?" a father to be, a husband, as a human being. I believe it's our duty to fight injustice, feed the hungry, defend the weak, notice the un-noticeable, bring hope to the hopeless, touch the untouchable, and never become a slave to the status quo. I always wanted to use my art for more than the sake of just being art...this was the birth of MODERNABOLITION. MODERN ABOLITION exists to inspire others and create movements of change that bring HELP, HOPE, HEALING and HEALTH to those in need. It is estimated that every 3 seconds a child dies of a preventable circumstances (disease, poverty, hunger, lack of education, etc) and children (especially young girls) all over the planet are being sold as slaves for sex, labor, and having their childhood stolen. This is not ok with me. We can make a difference...we will be different. 

"Don't be a slave to the status quo" - This is MODERN ABOLITION.  

 - giL

Gilbert "giLRiLLa" Acevedo III
Founder/ Owner