The Strokes and the Story

The story behind the paint

The 4 Strokes mark is a logo that suggests mystery, but is packed with purpose and meaning.

Each paint stroke has a purpose - like a painter and his/her painting - every mark/ each strokes represents purposeful flow & movement. Everything we do is founded on these “4” pillars and values:

  • 4 Strokes Distressed Dad Hat - Black
    4 Strokes Distressed Dad Hat - Black


  • MA500 Classic Black Long Sleeve T
    MA500 Classic Black Long Sleeve T

    From $35.00


    We believe that all people are made creative. It’s how we see things, people, places, etc...

    It’s how we respond to obstacles or issues...and it fuels our passion to give our lives to something greater than ourselves. We use our creativity as a vehicle to inspire, inform, and leave a positive impact in the world.

    We were created.

    We have purpose.

    We are creative.


    Changing the way clothes are made, who makes them, and what they stand for. Re-innovating the process, Supporting youth and local artisans, and Staying true to the purpose.

    All products created, fabricated, and/or sold from Modern Abolition are intended to help fund Modern Abolition’s mission and give support to the organizations we partner, support and collaborate with.


    We create goods and services purposed and designed to give financial support directly to organizations - aiding their efforts to remedy depravities and end evils around the world.

    $ from every item sold goes to financially support the mission of the “Pupil Project” and to the organizations we partner with to aid their efforts and works.

    ***We ensure that all Modern Abolition products are sustainably made and economically responsible by partnering exclusively with ethical clothing producers and suppliers. Our goal is to redefine high-end quality by maintaining high standards in terms of where and how our products are made, and who makes them.


    Modern Abolition is about family, and through family - transform culture by living a lifestyle that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

    We believe that all people have value, because that’s how they are made. We desire that through everything we do, others are inspired to use their God - given individuality, creativity and capability to leave this world better than it is.

    We collaborate with other artist, makers, designers, musicians, etc to create platforms for others to use their gifts and passions in leaving a positive thumbprint on earth.

  • "Rose” Art Print
    "Rose” Art Print

    From $7.00

  • giLRiLLa Flash V1
    giLRiLLa Flash V1

    From $7.00